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Welcome to Colorific.
We are based in Prague, our company consists of
graphic designer, web developer
and a cat.

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What we do.

Webpages of all kinds.
Every client is unique, so we are crafting every webpage
bearing in mind needs and wants of our customer.
Every page is an original.

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How we do it.

With passion, creativity and latest technology.
While building on proven concepts, our pages are simple,
clean and efficient, both in design and code.
Simple is the new sexy.

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M. M. Löffelmann

Web developer.
He's in charge of making websites work.
Uses JS, PHP, CMS and a couple more acronyms.
Enjoys history and old aircrafts.

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J. S. Schlesinger

Graphic designer.
His job is creating all those great visuals you actually see.
Experienced professional with a long line of happy clients.
Also a photographer and a guitarist.

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C. A. Tina

Public Relations & Human Resources.
Colorific wouldn't be what it is, if it weren't for her dedication
and invaluable work with company and public alike.
Her hobby is sleeping on a laptop.

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If you need anything,
just send us your address.

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Otto Blanc logo

Otto Blanc

Business & Social Club

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If you need anything,
just send us your address.

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Our pricing model follows our philosophy.
It's simple, straightforward and fair, without
hidden fees or other catches.
All transparent.

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1 hour = 22 €/600 CZK
0,5 hour and less = 11 €/300 CZK
Graphics and coding are separate, i.e.
1 hour graphics + 1 hour coding = 2 hours

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You can download model contract here.
Clear contract is necessity both for you and for us,
serving as a cornerstone of mutual relationship.
We value our customers greatly.

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If you need anything,
just send us your address.